Vacation Hint: Numero Cuatro

Friday’s hint can be found here, Saturday’s hint can be found here, and Sunday’s hint can be found here.

I must admit, I’m a little surprised at how difficult it has been for some of you to figure these clues out. I didn’t think I was being that tricky, but perhaps I really am. #UnexpectedSurprise

Either way, this hint might make it easier:

There… was that easier?

I’m tired today. I didn’t do as much packing last night as I had planned. This doesn’t surprise me, but it does disappoint me. Some things will never change, I suppose.

Here’s a good question: What should I bring to entertain me on the plane and/or while relaxing? I have an iPad, but I don’t really want to bring it. Is that weird? I know. I know. This is what they are made for! To bring on planes, to read books, to entertain one’s self when they want to travel light. But… I never read books on iPads or Kindles or whatever… I’m an old fashion, page-turn loving, paper-bound book reader. I can’t shake that. So keep that in mind, I suppose.

But really truly, if you’ve read a good book lately (and don’t say The Help because that’s not my bag, baby… and I tried. I really tried to enjoy it but it made me feel icky and awful all over), please share in the comments below! Chick lit welcome! It’s a vacation, after all.

COUNTDOWN: five days


2 thoughts on “Vacation Hint: Numero Cuatro

  1. Oh Molly! This is why I love you. I really really really wanted to like The Help. And I *hated* it for the same reasons I suppose. (Though I was happy for Octavia Spencer last night. Adorbs!)

    Did you read the Hunger Games series? If not, read it. If so, and you liked it, read “Divurgent” by Veronica Roth. It’s awesome. And the second book comes out on May 1st, so it would be a timely read.

    Have fun in sunny _._._._._._!

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