Vacation Hint: Numero Tres

Friday’s hint can be found here, Saturday’s hint can be found here.

This time next week, I will be far, far away from the Internet (I hope) in a place called…

I’m not telling!

Oooh… mysterious. Not really.

Now that it’s Sunday and I leave in under a week, I’ve started to pack. I’m awful at packing. It has been known to take upwards of three hours for a weekend jaunt. I will NOT let this happen for this vacation. But… since I leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday, I have to pre-pack before the craziness of my week sets in. Wish me luck, because so far, I’ve only written out lists, and it’s not looking pretty. And, to make it worse, I’ve committed myself to carry-on only. So… like I said… wish me luck!

COUNTDOWN: six days


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