Vacation Hint: Numero Dos

Yesterday’s hint can be found here.

In exactly one week, I will be on a plane headed to…

Hint #2:

In an effort to be thrifty now so I can splurge later, I will do the following things:

  1. Pack only a carry-on. (Like this lady always does… no matter where she flies or for how long the visit, she only takes a carry-on. Impressive.)
  2. Not buy new clothes. This will be hard, but let’s face it – I will have plenty of what I need and, at the risk of giving my future destination away, I can wear the same thing everyday if need be. I won’t, but I could.
  3. Not eat out or buy groceries until I return from vacation. Again – this will be hard for me, but a good excuse to use what remains in my fridge, pantry, and freezer.
  4. Not drink alcohol until I leave… (Wherein I will down a mimosa or bloody mary (or both!) soon upon boarding the plane. Vacation starts RIGHT THEN,Β after all.)
COUNTDOWN: seven days

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