I Want to Go Skiing

Coming back to work after a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng weekend filled with marathon running (them, not me), football playing (Ca caw! Go Ravens!), and catching-up with friends… well, it’s depressing.

Let’s not sugarcoat it.


But then, as I listened to a coworker talk about how she took her family (of five!) skiing this weekend, a spark of hope ignited inside me.


Then we can stack our skis up, like this:

Photo by esthermadsen

And then live-it-up, après-ski, like this:

Photo by courtkiel

Or maybe this:

And yes. It occurs to me that maybe, what I’m really after is the après-ski part. Mostly because I love saying, typing, and reading the words “après-ski.”

But seriously… anyone out there want to go skiing with me? We can keep it local… day pass… weekend… whichever. I have the urge to fall face down into some snow (manufactured or real).

(Photos by esthermadsen, courtkiel, and korotaev using instagram.)


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