Watching the Olympic Marathon Trials

Welp, let’s chalk this up to something I never thought I’d care about… guess who is watching the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trails?

This lady.


Turns out, runners (or, like me, people that aspire to be runners) are maniacs… maniacs that can’t get enough of watching other people run… and run fast.

So naturally I’ll be watching the trails and cheering for Kara Goucher, Desi Davila, Ryan Hall, and (the hottie) Brett Gotcher.

That other athletic competition can wait.

Here’s hoping SarahOUaL and Sweaty Emily will bring my newest running-obsession, Desi Davila, the best of luck!

Run Desi Run!

Why do I love Desi so much? Watch this, and your heart will break right along with her:

I kind of love her badass arrogance. She’s my girl.


2 thoughts on “Watching the Olympic Marathon Trials

  1. Dude if anybody can watch that coverage and not fall in love with the sport they have no soul. I cheered, I cried, I wanted to run and do a million crunches and put on running briefs. So.Many.Feelings.

  2. What was it like watching Desi in real life? Kinda makes me want to go to London just for this event. The women (ok, and men too) are so kick ass… Team USA is extra inspiring this year and I’m loving it!

    ps- your outfits were… outstanding. good work!

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