Part Time Vegan?

If it’s good enough for Mark Bittman, it’s good enough for Molly. The thought? Embrace semi-veganism. Don’t freak out. You probably eat vegan more than you realize. I know I do. Bittman writes:

Many vegan dishes, however, are already beloved: we eat fruit salad, peanut butter and jelly, beans and rice, eggplant in garlic sauce. The problem faced by many of us — brought up as we were with plates whose center was filled with a piece of an animal — is in imagining less-traditional vegan dishes that are creative, filling, interesting and not especially challenging to either put together or enjoy.

My point here is to make semi-veganism work for you. Once a week, let bean burgers stand in for hamburgers, leave the meat out of your pasta sauce, make a risotto the likes of which you’ve probably never had — and you may just find yourself eating “better.”

Oh absolutely. I love a good hamburger, but this past year, I also learned that I loved vegan black bean burgers (recipe by Daily Garnish). I also learned that if I roast a spaghetti squash and use that instead of pasta, I don’t need anything but a delicious tomato sauce with mixed in veggies, spices, or seasonings to make me feel full. Like… I just had pork-products full. You know, the good kind.

I’m not going to resolve to do anything here. I think I made enough resolutions that I’ll have trouble keeping. Instead, I’ll just… keep it in mind. You should, too.


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