A Procrastinator’s Goals for 2012

2011 – you mostly sucked but have a few glimmers of goodness.
2012 – you can and will be better.

Here are my goals/wishes/resolutions… In no particular order:

  • Watch the Ravens beat Cincy today.
  • Watch the Ravens win the AFC Divisional Playoffs.
  • Watch the Ravens win the AFC Divisional Championships.
  • Watch the Ravens win the AFC division.
  • Watch the Ravens go to the Super Bowl on February 5, 2012.
  • Watch the Ravens win the Super Bowl.
Hmmm… perhaps I should expand these onto something non-Ravens. How about:
  • Run a sub-30 minute 5k. (I mean, really, I think this is more than doable.)
  • Run a half marathon.
  • If the above goes well, run another.
  • And then, perhaps, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler? Ok then.
  • Lose those last, pesky pounds…
  • … perhaps while still enjoying distance running?!
  • Meet with a financial adviser and make a big-girl financial plan for my future.
  • Meet with a retirement planner and, um, make a big-girl retirement plan for my future.
  • Finally finish decorating my guest bedroom.
  • Pave my backyard parking spot.
  • Travel more. WAY MORE. (I’m looking at you, Base Camp – Mt. Everst)
  • (Finally) become fluent in the mother tongue. (Spanish, y’all.)
  • Procure Ravens season tickets that aren’t my dad’s – or at least figure out how to make that happen, and get a plan in motion. (<– oops, sorry. I forgot, no more Ravens wishes.)
  • Write my will (I know, I know).
  • Find, cook, and master a really awesome Maryland crabcake.
  • Give yoga an honest-to-goodness try.

That oughtta keep me busy. What about YOU? What do you wish to do in the new year?


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