My Three Holiday Staple Foods

Trying not to gain weight during the holidays is a big, fat, stupid waste of time. Even Ali on the Run agrees with me. (Like Ali – If I see one more “how to eat in moderation during the holidays” post I’ll cut someone. Or disapprovingly shake my finger. Which ever seems less brutal.)

Me? I’m just trying to maintain as I head towards my very first half marathon. (*hyperventilating, hyperventilating, breathe, breathe, breathe*)

One would probably intuitively think that this strategy requires a bucket-load of veggies, less alcohol, and an emphasis on lean protein… But for me, it seems like a diet heavy with the three things below seems to do the trick.

(I’m Chilean, so I can break it down en español whenever I feel like it. THOSE ARE THE RULES.)

NUMERO UNO: West Soy‘s Chocolate and Peppermint Soy Beverage (Can we all agree it’s really a soy milk? Ok good.)

I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious this “soy beverage” is. I dread getting up in the morning these days (so! cold!) but as soon as my foggy brain remembers I can throw some of this magic potion into my morning coffee, I literally (yes, literally) leap out of bed and high-tail it downstairs to get the chocolate and peppermint going.

And don’t think for a second this doesn’t qualify as junk food: it’s filled with added sugar and flavors. Ain’t nuthin’ natural about it. But the junk food guy and I agree… it’s delicious.

I’ve been drinking about two venti-sized iced coffees with this mixed in since last Saturday.

NUMERO DOS: Italian food (preferably at Graffiato, when possible)

Those are all my plates – I have no idea what the other ladies (LM, DW, CK) ordered. Just kidding… but only sorta. The food at Graffiato has yet to disappoint. And the last time I was there, DC and Baltimore had just had an uncharacteristic earthquake, so clearly I was weak and in need of comfort (in the form of prosecco-on-tap).

But seriously, I think all of my meals for the past week have involved Italian food and flavors. Carb-loading this far out for the half is not typically advised, but it’s working for me so I’m going to roll with it.

NUMERO TRES: Pizza (from Angelo’s, if at all possible)

Hands down, the worst decision I made a week or two ago was to order a (large) Angelo’s pizza and freeze all but two pieces to consume at a later date. CLEARLY I thought that gave me free reign to eat close to a piece a day. And have another (half of a) slice tonight for dinner after taking in the beautiful Christmas lights in Hampden.

You can’t tell from the pizza picture, but their slices are redonkulously enormous. I could have honestly shared it with three other people. But instead I kept it all for myself, ate about half, then lugged it home only to trash. Still… pizza! Nearly every day for a week and I’m still maintaining not gaining.



In summation, I say “bah humbug” to depriving one’s self during the holidays. Eat in moderation, but enjoy yourself and work out hard to keep it in balance.

(I can say this because I am in no way a health professional, nutritionist, trainer, or otherwise knowledgeable person on food and nutrition. So you can’t believe a word I say. In fact, you probably gained weight reading this post. You’re welcome.)


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