Last-Minute Christmas Gift

(Attention: This post was written by an incredibly cranky only-child who is used to getting her own way and did not get her own way immediately preceding this post. And now you know.)

Why hello there.

Are you scratching your head, wracking your brain, stress-sweating at night (only me?), all because you’re wondering what-in-the-world you should get me for Christmas?

Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Just like I helped my co-worker figure it out by sending her an email I received from Apple letting me know that there was still time to engrave iPads in time to be mailed-out for Christmas. She didn’t say so, but I’m sure she was so relieved to have that hint.

So what can you get me? Glad you asked.

Please get me this adorable Snow White spatula:

Snow White Spatula

Isn’t she darling? Oh Williams Sonoma… you know how to do it right. (P.S. You can’t buy her online. She’s only available in stores. Because she’s an only child and she does it her own way… duh.)


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