Hot Chocolate 15k DC

Guess what I’m currently psyching myself up for that’s three (THREE) days from today?

AKA the race that – If I do this and don’t die – means I might actually be able to do the half marathon in January. OMG! MOLLY!


I remember signing up for this race in August, thinking that there was no way I’d be ready for a 15k (9.3 miles) by early December. But, my running coach and running friends said I could do it, that I should do it. So I got caught up in the hysteria and signed-up. Evidently they have a sweet running jacket in the goodie bag, so it’s worth it for that alone, right? RIGHT?

(I’ll try and dial it down a notch, but I’m really, really nervous up in here.)

The post race party involves lots and lots of Ghirardelli chocolate:

Will You Run for Chocolate? Join your fellow runners, walkers and chocolate lovers for the most scrumptious post race party in the nation! Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate, Fondue and many other chocolate treats will only be the icing on the cake.

I’ll be honest, I very rarely feel like eating anything immediately after a long run. I usually want water, then beer, than nuun or emergen-c infused water… then pizza. In that order. But you best believe that I’m going to chow down some chocolate. And then get a bagel. Why? Because the next day, I’ll be running a 5k. (<– more on that later as it requires some explanation.)

This week, I’m not running a whole lot. I did two miles yesterday, I’ll spin tonight, and maybe another two mile run on Friday. And I’ll be stretching. Lots and lots of stretching. This will be my longest-distance run yet, and I want to be as prepared as possible.

So if you’re wondering what I’m doing this week, it’s 1) thinking about this race, 2) dreaming about this race, and 3) stretching!


2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 15k DC

  1. Good luck this weekend! But why’s it gotta be so far from downtown DC/you gonna be around town afterward?

    Also, have you thought about doing the Rock & Roll DC Marathon on March 17th? They have a half marathon option – I’m thinking about signing up.

  2. @Justin – you will pleased to know that I have signed up for the RnR half in March… DO IT! I have no idea I will even like running 13.1 (disney will let me know on Jan. 7), but I figured… why not do the hometown (former hometown) half? SIGN UP!

    And go running in Paris, but I bet that would be AWESOME.

    ps – check your email.

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