Thanksgiving Highlights: Newsies, Turkey Trot, and Ravens!

My Thanksgiving kicked some serious butt this year. Here are some reasons why:

I actually ran a Turkey Trot this year. Why is this so exciting? Because last year, I didn’t even own running shoes, nevermind would I consider running, nevermind a 5k, nevermind by myself. So while, yes, I really hope some friends join me next year, the entire time I was running (the very hilly, not very easy course), all I could think was: I’m thankful I can run.

Hi, my name is Molly and I’m obsessed with the Newsies (like most other women my age… HAVE NO FEAR. BROOKLYN IS HERE!). That is why, while enjoying my post-turkey-trot breakfast (twice-toasted everything bagel with egg and turkey bacon), I was SO EXCITED TO SEE THE CAST OF NEWSIES perform a “sneak peak” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Can you believe it?? My boys are back! I haven’t been this excited to see my Newsies since the Newsies/Lady Gaga mash-up I obsessed over this summer:

Heaven! Can’t wait to see it on Broadway.

After the Turkey Trot and after the Newsies sighting, I was ready to walk the dog (I’m dog sitting), shower, and get my sweet potato cassarole on:

Skinnytaste's Sweet Potato Casserole

I think it turned out really well. And there was no added sugar (save the marshmallow) as I used fresh pineapple (not from a can) and agave. No one was the wiser.

Finally, Thanksgiving Dinner:

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Why yes... we are Ravens fans. How ever did you know?

Dinner was, per usual, delicious. It always is. I got into my usual “Democrats are better than Republicans because…” argument discussion with family members (I think I knocked it out of the park this year), but we wrapped it up in time for… THE RAVENS GAME.

Or, as some have been calling it, the HarBowl.

In case you were wondering who won, John > Jim. Ca caw! Eat it, haters. What’? That’s not very thankful of me? Thank you, Ravens, for beating those 49ers, and allowing us to dress up in our most festive and comfortable Thanksgiving gear:

Cousins 4 Flacco

All of the cousins wore their Flacco jerseys... isn't that cute?

They didn’t plan it, I swear. (PS – I wore my Ray Rice jersey, in case you were wondering.)

So yes, even though we missed some of our loved ones, we had a very Baltimore Thanksgiving. And I really can’t imagine it any other way.


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