Yup, Sick

Welp, I’m officially a liar.

hot tea

Photo by: ajkajk

A full-blown cold has hit me, and hit me hard. Which means no dinner in DC with friends, no workout, no running, no nothing.

Just a warm, comfy bed with a warm, comfy cup of hot tea. After I come home from work, that is.

What are your favorite cold remedies? I’mย desperateย for anything that makes this go away as quick as possible.


2 thoughts on “Yup, Sick

  1. Feel better Molls. I’m home sick with a cold too. Right there with ya. I’ll be reading the suggestions. Me? I hate a bowl of ramen on my way home and then tucked myself in bed with a little Watch What Happens Live with my boyfriend @bravoandy.

  2. Ramen! Good call. Wish I thought of it. I’m still home wallowing in self-pity in between blowing my nose and sipping hot tea. WAH. Maybe it’s time I catch up on my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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