Let’s Merry

Winter Starbucks Cup

Winter’s here! (Read that like this.)

After Halloween, I read all the posts about how thankful people were for the new Starbucks holiday cups (some in the UK), and while I was filled with jealousy, I wanted to wait a bit until I got my own. I’m ashamed that it took me as long as it did, but a little part of me was annoyed that they seemed to be released earlier than ever this year. I’m not alone, as someone tweeted:

Team turkey cup!

But, as the Seattle Post Intelligencer‘s Big Blog pointed out, everyone knows (ha!) brown and orange don’t track well in marketing research. I know this because I read a lot of marketing blogs (no I don’t).


One venti non-fat misto later I finally went… and it rocked and I’m just loving the new designs.

I think my favorite is the nutcracker… but it basically changes daily, depending on what kind of mood I’m in. What’s your favorite?


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