Pumpkin Beer Review: Flying Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale

Remember when I tried that gross beer that I don’t ever want to think about again? And remember how it was Football Sunday, so I obviously needed to try another beer (especially since my Ravens forgot they were playing football for the first half)? Well, during a quick walk around the corner for some grub at Golden West (brussel sprouts and blackbean burger FTW), I had another fall beer. So, ok, not technically pumpkin, but you should know I did ask if they had anything pumpkin and they didn’t. So it was welcome to my mouth, Flying Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale!:

Flying Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale

First of all, it hails from Frederick, Maryland so… state pride!

Now, from the official website description:

Secret Stash celebrates the fruits of each year’s harvest, so why not continue that trend with food pairings? Think vegetable gazpacho, hearty breads, and fresh cheeses like chevre. Our favorite idea? Hosting a harvest dinner, complemented by Secret Stash, made with nothing but locally-sourced ingredients.

Since Secret Stash is a celebration of the year’s crop, we added the cornucopia artwork strapped to the back of the Stash character. We also added an autumnal orange burst behind the character to balance the space and connect the art with the word mark. Additional red and green splatters were added to balance the composition in the background.

You couldn't read that, but the graphic was pretty so I included it. You're welcome.

Smuttynose could learn a lesson from the graphic design of Flying Dog. Love it or hate it (I love it, my mother thinks it’s “scary”), it’s consistent and discernible.

Flying Dog Wild Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale 2011

Anyway, what to say? It was good. It was complex and I tasted a variety of flavors. True, none of them were pumpkin, but that’s okay because I didn’t expect it to taste as such. According to Beer in Baltimore:

“This year, we’re using fresh Cascade and Chinook hops balanced with soft red wheat, sweet corn, potatoes, and honey.” Look for it in the “usual locations” in Md., DC, and Va. over the next two weeks.

Ah yes. The Chinook hops. Always a crowd pleaser. Sike. I have no idea what those are.

What I am qualified to tell you is that it had a really pleasing and unique flavor. I feel like I could taste the honey, but I might have been influenced by the description the server gave.

All-in-all, a delicious local beer that I would definitely drink again. With or without the brussel sprouts.


One thought on “Pumpkin Beer Review: Flying Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale

  1. Flying Dog put out a pumpkin beer this year; it’s called The Fear. I didn’t get a chance to try it and I’m not sure if it’s still in stores, but track it down if you can! DC’s new brewery DC Brau released their pumpkin beer this week too.

    Speaking of pumpkin beer, guess what I did last night? Brewed a pumpkin porter! Well, started the process at least. My friend Eric has the whole set up at his house – and the space. We used real pumpkin too. It’s in the fermenting stage now, for about 3 weeks. Then we’ll bottle it and it should be ready in early December. I’ll try to save you a bottle.

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