Pumpkin Beer Review: Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat


This was supposed to be the beer that I liked the most:

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Instead, I thought it was gross. Definitely the worst pumpkin beer I’ve tried yet.

Why did I think I’d like it the best? Because I’m a fan of Shock Top Belgian White. I even proactively order it when I go out sometimes. And I love me a good, wheaty beer. During college, I was obsessed with Hefeweizen. OB. SESSED.

But maybe, I’m learning, it’s really just the orange slice that I like about Shock Top. Oranges rock.

It smelled good – like nutmeg. It just tasted like… not pumpkin. It tasted like watered down blech. A little sour, maybe? I think second helpings put it best when they said:

A “orangey-cinnamon” aroma along with a “orangey-plastic” taste left one taster cold. Another said it was “not terribly enticing” and found the “foamy/fizzy mouth feel” left an “indistinct taste impression.” “It’s like Bud Light,” said a third. We all agreed there are better pumpkin beers.

Anyway, there isn’t much to review because I basically took three sips then waited five minutes, took another sip, then poured it down the drain.

So, with this beer-fail occuring in the early afternoon of a Football Sunday (go Ravens!), does this mean I tried another pumpkin beer later on? You better believe I did. Who’s blog are you reading?


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