Pumpkin Beer Review: Goose Island Harvest Ale

As promised, here’s beer review #1. I’m cranking these out slower than expected, but once one drinks a beer – when one is a lightweight – one has a difficult time getting it together to blog. #WillWorkOnThis

goose island harvest ale

First, the description of the beer on their website:

Brewed in honor of the Harvest season this copper colored ESB is made with Cascade hops and the richest Midwestern malts. A fruity American hop aroma and a toasty malt character make Goose Island Harvest Ale an extra special beer worthy of your devotion.

My first impression? Meh. But you should know that I know relatively little about beer. For instance: what do hops and malt taste like? Which do I like or dislike?

Goose Island Harvest Ale

Yes, that's beer in a wine glass. And yes, that's the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion on in the background.

Naturally, the more I drank it, the more I liked it, but that was probably the alcohol thinking for me.

It was too… bitter? Pungent? It didn’t really taste like fall to me, which I guess was the most disappointing part. I can’t put my finger on what I didn’t like about it exactly, but reading other reviews online led me to believe that it’s the hops that make it bitter, and the fact that I tasted pine was not all in my  head. Lots of reviewers spoke of a creamy and caramel taste – I did not get this. Considering it won a bronze award for being “extra special bitter,” I at least know my taste buds didn’t let me down.

Obviously I didn’t dislike it enough not to finish it, and like I said before, I liked it the more I drank. But I think it’s safe to say this isn’t my favorite fall beer, and if I’m going Goose Island, I’m going 312.


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