Volt Happens

Tomorrow, around 5:30 p.m. EST, this happens:

BOOM. Just like that. Only, not really.

I have been waiting since March of 2010 for this day.


17 months.

And tomorrow… Tomorrow I dine at Volt’s Table 21. I can hardly contain my excitement. I’ve been near tears all day. Check out the description of what I’m in for:

There is a little secret in the kitchen at VOLT (228 N. Market Street, Frederick, Maryland; 301.696.VOLT (8658); www.voltrestaurant.com). It seats four and is located in the kitchen as the central focal point. Joined by two flying pigs, it is lively and inventive and allows the unknown menu of 21-courses to unveil itself. It is ‘Table 21,’ an explosive celebration of molecular gastronomic cuisine.

Table 21 is truly for guests who want to experience creativity in food. The custom made steel table allows four guests to sit side-by-side giving them a full view of the culinary vision unfolding in the kitchen.

The table officially launched last year on December 21st. The number continues to hold significance, as the table number matches the number of courses created and personally served by Chef Voltaggio and his team. Chef’s playful take on culinary chemistry brings ingredients together in the form of Nitrogen Frozen Coconut with Vanilla and Lavender as well as Noodles Flavored of Caramelized Onions served with Frozen Foie Gras. The “noodles” are not your classic pasta preparation as there actually is no form of pasta on the dish.

Ridiculously awesome. I cannot wait.

I don’t know how I’ll fit 21 courses in, even if they are small plates, but it’s going to happen. There’s no way you wait 17 months and then only eat half, right? I have a friend who recently had the ultimate Table 21 experience, and she recommended wearing a dress or something elastic. Hilarious, but I think I’ll follow her advice. An elastic-waisted dress? Done and done.


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