My Fourth of July in Pictures

Lazy bloggers blog with photos. Today, I shall be a lazy blogger. Thank G-d for Instagram.

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge around 7 a.m. on July 1

I’m definitely trying to conquer my (growing) fear of bridges.

Rt. 54 and Zion Church Road Street Sign, Fenwick Island

This means the beach house is only five minutes away. Horray!

View from Beach House

So peaceful. So quiet. So slower, lower Delaware.

Beach Bums

You should know that lounging on the beach, drinking Beer Diet Coke water, working on your tan, playing paddle ball, and floating peacefully in the Atlantic is a lot harder than it sounds. And looks.

Après Fourth of July Cocktails and Apps, Oceanside

When I grow up, I will own a house that’s oceanside. The oceanside view will be made entirely of windows, and I will always invite my friends and family to stay with me because luxury like that? It’s best enjoyed with amigos.


Even Fifi had a ball. (PS – Fifi is not my dog.)

Flag Cake

I’m not really a cake lady (unless it’s red velvet with cream cheese frosting or chocolate on chocolate). Still, that couldn’t stop me from photographing this beautiful cake, made by my favorite Fenwick Island Italian-turned-Russian-owned bakery, Del Vecchio‘s.

Then one friend joined me (evidently too thirsty to wait for a glass)…

… and then another! Life was good. (PS – we totally rocked the fedoras. As  IS said, when asked for his honest opinion, “If Charlie Sheen rocks a fedora, then it isn’t wrong.” Or something like that.)

Fenwick's Fourth of July Parade?

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t aware that Fenwick had a Fourth of July parade. But this procession actually shut down Ocean Highway for 20 minutes, so… I guess it’s real?

View of Fireworks over Ocean City via Boat

I’m not really *into* fireworks, per say, but I am into fireworks when 1) viewed from a boat, 2) when you can view three (four?) different sets at a time, and 3) when you’re about three orange crushes deep. What’s an orange crush, you ask? GLAD YOU ASKED. Take a look at the originators, Harborside (West Ocean City), show you how they do, or take it from these dudes:

Now I need another orange crush. Really. So delicious. And while everywhere in Ocean City has a version, remember that they are a Harborside orinigal. You hear me, Harpoon Hannahs?

beach toes

Hobbit-like toes, FTW. But basically, the rest of the vacation went is going just like this. Relaxing on the beach. Forgetting what it’s like to work. Enjoying the sound of the ocean, and the taste of my new favorite beer, Bud Light Lime. (You were right, Lucy Actually.)

I’ve still got two more days, so I’m going to head out to enjoy it.


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