Baltimore Does Life

This is more of a question than anything else… But whom of my loyal readers (is anyone still out there?) knows about Ben Does Life? Or, even better, knows about the Do Life Tour? Or, even better, will be attending the Do Life Tour Baltimore 5k tonight?

I want to go, and even though I did an all leg workout this AM at the gym (seriously, my legs = jello), I still really want to meet Ben, Jed, and Pa. But… I’m thinking maybe I’ll just go tomorrow in DC so I can go do life with Lucy Actually.

So… anyone out there going to participate in a Do Life 5k? Where? When?

And if you don’t know about Ben’s kick-ass story, watch this: (it’s shortish and worth the nearly 5 minutes, I swear. I have the attention span of a gnat, so if I can hang in, so can you.)

I dare you not to be motivated after watching that. (And that song always makes me weep like a baby.)


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