My Cinco de Mayo Party: You’re All Invited


Cinco de Mayo

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo, mis amigos! I’ll celebrate anything that marks a defeat of the French, because I wouldn’t be American otherwise. KIDDING, but only sorta. Parisians still need to work on the whole “be unto others as you want them to be unto you” thing, but that’s no reason for all-out hate.

Anyway, if I had my shiz together, I’d have thrown a fiesta of my own. But alas, I have a sushi date tonight so instead, I’ll just have to leave you with some images of how I would have celebrated.

First, I would have this pinata:

Mexican Pinata

Decorate with these Easter Cinco de Mayo Eggs (what?!) (also: these are made in Baltimore!):

Biodegradable Confetti Eggs

And these streamers:

Festive Streamers

Make and eat these cookies (I have a weakness for sombreros):

Sombrero Cookies

… and wash them down with these Corona Beer Popsicles (I think I’m the only person I know that would willingly choose Corona over a variety of snobby-beer options):

Corona Beer Popsicles

And finally, I’d give these away as parting gifts (because a good hostess always has take-away gifts… so says my mom):

Patrón-inspired bottle favors

Patrón-inspired bottle favors! WHO CAN RESIST that hotness?

I need a margarita. Perhaps a Skinnygirl margarita is in the cards, pre-sushi? How are you celebrating el cinco de mayo?
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