Lust-Worthy Bangs

Once upon a time, I had kick-ass bangs. Only I didn’t realize it because I was too concerned with:

  1. Getting a perm. (Thankfully, my mother never let this dream come to fruition.)
  2. Why none of my other friends had bangs. (What did they know that I didn’t know?)
  3. Growing said bangs out.
So I went to college, seized my new-found independence, and grew those suckers out.
Flash-forward some years (but not too many, because I swear I’m not old yet), and I have bangs again. I like them, but I don’t love them.
That’s because I want bangs like this:
1960s Grecian Party Dress
These bangs are full and think and gorgeous and I want them. Isn’t there anyone out there that can make this happen for me? Ever since my most favorite hairdresser, nay artist, Henri moved to Barcelona (hi Henri*!), I’ve been on the lookout for a hair-miracle worker. If you know of someone special to recommend in the Baltimore area, please share!
*In case you were really wondering, when Henri (who is CHILEAN, holler!) moved to Barcelona, he changed his name to Enri. But don’t be confused. He’s still a hair magician.
(Photo source.)

6 thoughts on “Lust-Worthy Bangs

  1. Ah you’ve made me feel confused. I used to have a big fringe… I’m now growing them out but having confusion whether this is the right way…
    I LOVE how they look… but as the owner of said bangs, they prove a bit of upkeep. you can’t just pin them back and hit the road quick…
    Ah what to do what to do…

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