The Obligatory Will + Kate Post

Kate and Will kiss on the Buckingham Balcony

But first, a word about the Royal Wedding: I was into it, big time. Others weren’t. That’s okay with me. What’s not okay is how angry people were getting about my interest. Seriously? Stop caring so much. I think @ProducerMatthew said it best:

Commentary: The Royal Wedding is “real news.” Real news doesn’t have to exclusively center on revolts, violence and war.

So lay off it, haters.

Moving on.

How swoontastic was that wedding? It almost made me believe in the whole affair again! Kate, now Catherine, was breathtakingly beautiful, both during the ceremony and at the after party. BTW – how impossibly tiny is her waist?

Here’s a list of some moments I’m loving right now:

Yes, I just thought the whole thing was terrific, and I’m thrilled that I can watch all six hours I taped forever and ever, amen.


6 thoughts on “The Obligatory Will + Kate Post

  1. I did, indeed. It’s not really that I’d wear Beatrice’s fascinator, but I admire the effort, and think that as a statement piece, it worked. Eugenie on the other hand? Trying way too hard.

  2. Oh I am so pleased you were all over the wedding. it really was an incredible day here in the UK.
    Everyone was united with a common topic, all cynasim was dropped, street parties everywhere and… a complimentary day off!

  3. @myblogject – it would have been so fun to be in the UK for the wedding! I imagine it was a little like being in DC for the Obama inauguration… which was a great time when everyone just got a long.

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