Oscar Dresses 2011: Worst

I love you, but I just can’t in this dress with that necklace just lost over-top it. GAH.

I almost, almost love Mandy Moore, but something seems off. The earrings? Her super skinny figure? I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because Cameron Diaz did it first – and better – last year.

I don’t like the boobs or your eye makeup, JHud.

Love the edgy hair and make-up, but loathe the velvet? dress. And color.

No, Marisa. You are better than this. Though A+ on the earrings. (Photo source.)

No. Again. No. No. No.

To space-like, ad I didn’t like the boxy-slit. But I did loved her belt and earrings.

I can love this because it reminds me of what Julia Roberts wore when she won her Oscar. But the hair is just awful, and ruins it all.

(Photo source, unless otherwise noted.)


4 thoughts on “Oscar Dresses 2011: Worst

  1. Totally with you on all of these except for Amy Adams. I love the dress, but do think she should have nixed the necklace and had an up-do.

  2. I just couldn’t love Amy’s dress. I think it’s the mock neck and cap sleeves which, I don’t care how toned you are, don’t look good on anyone. And that NECKLACE. BAD.

    WTF was up with Reese? She always nails it.

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