Oscar Dresses 2011: Best

The Fighter actress Melissa Leo wins because DANG. Gorgeous construction. And hello, shoe envy.

The very definition of a tall drink of water. Well done, woman-I-don’t-know-because-I-refuse-to-watch-Winter’s-Bone-because-of-gruesome-squirrel-skinning-scene, Jennifer Lawrence.

Black Swan‘s Mila Kunis. I die.

Love Busy Phillips on Cougar Town and love, love, love her as supportive friend to Michelle Williams (Photo Source). Which brings me to…

Michelle Williams! Petite beauty. Bright, clean ,crisp, and stunning. (But, was she on something? Because she seemed dazed and confused during interviews.)

Our favorite E! homegirl, Giuliana Rancic, shuts it down in a Christian Siriano original. G is really on a roll this awards season. (Photo source.)

She is just so beautiful and I love her every year. I’d probably still love her even if she killed small chipmunks with her bare hands. But this year, maybe it’s because she’s presenting, but she’s extra-happy, extra-smiley, and extra-glowing… and I love it.

You had me with your Lady-Gaga shoulders. Win! This might be my favorite dress of the evening.

Gorgeous color, gorgeous fit, gorgeous ombre. Love.

She just had twins. Twins! Wow. So stunning.

(Photo source, unless otherwise noted.)


8 thoughts on “Oscar Dresses 2011: Best

  1. Glad to see we’ve maintained our tradition of having completely opposite views of the stars’ dresses. Although I’m with you on Celine–she looked fab.

    • Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed by the red carpet this year. I think one of my favs was Anne Hathaway’s blue dress from the ceremony itself. I also loved what Gwenyth wore when she sang.

      • I hear that. I (obvi) loved all the dresses Anne wore, that one being one of my favorites. Why do I love her so much when the rest of the world finds her irritating?

        I couldn’t see what Gwenyth was wearing during her “song” because the vocals were so painful!

  2. We loved Kate and all of your faves though Lady Rancic needs a bit more weight.. no? we are looking for a pic of the back of Kates dress… we want it in a Glass cube to be admired forever in our office at all angles. Thanks for this list.

  3. @lovedboutique – 100% agree. Lady Rancic (love that name, btw) could use a week at an all-you-can-eat burger bar.

    Yes – after much reflection – I still agree that Cate looked the best of them all. She’s so daring with her fashion, but never garish. And always, always on point. If you find that glass cube, let me know 😉

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