Why aren’t my neighbors more interesting? I’d be an awesome super-spy.  I can concoct made-up histories like the best of them.And if there’s a conspiracy theory to be named, I’ve named it. Rear Window is one of my most favorite movies. So yeah, I got that market covered.

H/t to FFFOUND! for the inspired art that I wish I could hang in my home but alas! it won’t fit.


2 thoughts on “Voyeurism

  1. In Santiago I’m sort of paranoid about keeping my curtains drawn and my fiancé thinks I’m crazy. I really don’t want to be the interesting neighbor who, say, wakes up naked in my living room in a bare air mattress. True story. I saw one of my neighbors’ guests like that. Don’t know how he got there.

  2. This is both entertaining and disgusting… all at once. Do you think Chileans are more open with nudity, or do you think it was just circumstantial?

    I know I play “I spy” enough to make sure my curtains are drawn!

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