Chica Tip #13

It’s been ages since I’ve provided you, my loyal readers, with a Chica Tip. I’m sorry about that. But, as every blogger blogs… I plan to make up for it, blog more, do more, etc., etc. So blah, blah, blah, ho, dee, hum, hum… time for a Chica Tip.

I came to the Chica Tip below whilst brunching with my father. (Doesn’t that sound posh? In reality, not so much.) Dad came to town to visit me over the holiday, and we had a blast. Before I purchased my home, he had to stay in a hotel when he came to visit. And, because he has four cats (loooooooong story), I have to stay in a hotel when I visit him. Allergies.

But this time, he was able to stay at my house. I’m all growns up.

AN-Y-WAY, we went to brunch at Woodberry Kitchen. After I wranged a reservation for two at the last minute, when we walked in, Dad decided he wanted to eat at the bar. OF COURSE HE DID. And so then we naturally had to order drinks. Dad ordered a Bloody Mary. Not one to be outdone, I ordered The Full Monty: a Bloody Mary with candied bacon and a Natty Boh chaser. Yes. Candided bacon. Yes.

So as I was in hog heaven (literally), dad ordered us coffee… because it comes in a french press and smelled divine, and it was brunch for goodness sakes. AND THEN, the bartender said my favorite words: House-made still or house-made sparkling water? I mean, is that even a choice?  SPARKLING.

And then I had four drinks.

All of which were perfectly necessary to prevent a hangover, ease into the day, chase the bacon, and hydrate(ish). So…

Chica Tip #13: You can drink as much as you want, whenever you want, so long as you pair it with water. (Bonus points if that water is fizzy.)

Ah, lucky number 13. Of course it has to do with alcohol.

** Reminder of Chica Tip origin: Ingrid Hoffman, formerly of the Food Network. In other words, I didn’t create it, but I did hop on the faux-Spanish bandwagon.


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