Two Yurts and a Robber

No, no… not that kind of robber. This kind of Robber (actual name):

Is he not the cutest? BD and I met him on a beautiful November day in San Francisco in Alamo Square. We had gone there the day before (to see the Full House house, natch), and liked it so much (dog park!) we came back the next day – our last day in San Francisco.

For our last day in San Francisco, we wanted to just kick it west-coast style. By that, I mean we wanted to just be really relaxed about where we went and what we did, and not get all “east coast” about it. Yes, it’s true what they say – People really are more chill on the west coast. California in particular. Case-in-point: You want a coffee. You walk into a coffee shop. You wait in line. It’s your turn. You give a small smile and launch right into your order. But wait! The cashier likes your scarf, and wants to know where you got it? And then wants to know where you’re from, and what brings you to San Francisco? And do you know my great-aunt Margaret? She lives on the east coast, too. And on, and on, and on.

It took me about a week to get used to, and then it was nearly time to go home. But it was a nice change of pace. I mean, there’s no rush. Just a general feeling of “it’s all good.”

So, we embraced this west-coast vibe and started our day in Sausalito (where we purchased both breakfast AND desserts for later… yes, dessertS), then headed on over to the SF MOMA (loved it the first time I went a few years ago, and had to go back), the Ferry Building (Cowgirl Creamery! Acme Bread Company! Blue Bottle Coffee! Hog Island Oyster Company!), and then decided to head back to the dog park at Alamo Square.

Once we pulled out our cheese and desserts, Robber decided to come introduce himself. We became BFFs immediately, watched him while his owner (no idea what his name was) went to the restroom, and then took in a lovely sunset over the Pacific. All-in-all, and A+ day.

All this, and we hadn’t even had dinner at Slanted Door yet…


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