Two Yurts and a Restaurant Named Frances

Next time you’re in San Francisco and you want a cozy little dinner with your significant other, or in my case, my significantly awesome friend, might I suggest you dine at Frances? It was all I could have ever wanted for my first dinner in San Francisco AND THEY HAD BACON BEIGNETS so I mean… what was really going to stop me?


(Let’s pause here for a second. I know that my blogging daily was a big ole fail. I agree with you. I’m disappointing. But in my defence: It’s my vacation and I’ll do what I want to. And I got a bit of a headcold (I’m better now). Also – my days were packed full of activities. So cut me some slack? Thanks.)

BD and I successfully navigated our way from Union Square to the Castro and found a parking spot with the ease of a local. In fact, I believe this is where I began calling myself a local. I give myself much credit, especially when it’s not deserved.

Anyway, when we walked up to the restaurant, I got excited. I’m a huge fan of the font they use on their logo (nerd alert). When we walked inside, my mouth started to water. And when we sat down, I was ready to chow. The salty sea air really takes it out of a lady.

BD and I shared everything we ordered, and you can tell we didn’t hold back:

  • Applewood Smoked Bacon Beignets
  • Grilled Calamari
  • Organic Chicken
  • and Lumberjack Cake.

Each one was better than the last. And while it was the bacon beignets that reeled me in, it was the organic chicken that really sealed the deal. I never order chicken at restaurants because it seems so boring and frankly – chicken sometimes grosses me out. But not this chicken. This chicken was so succulent and juicy that I nearly squirted myself with the juices when my fork pierced the skin. TMI?

And can we talk about our drinks? I had the Autumn Fizz while BD had something delicious called Apples & Honey. I adored mine, but BD’s was so good I was almost jealous. It tasted like fall in a glass.

Frances was delicious and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys flavorful, clean food. And wine-based cocktails.

Next up on the restaurant tour of California is Anchor & Hope where I hoped to try the warm sea urchin. Did I get it? Did I try it? Do I like it? Stay tuned.


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