Two Yurts and a Convertible

We decided to rent a convertible for the big California Sojourn. We thought we were pretty hot stuff until we realized that no one else was driving around San Francisco with the top down. But guess who got the last laugh? WE DID. ‘Cause we got some incredible pictures of beautiful San Francisco and my previously dirty hair became wind-blown chic. So what if we had the top down and heat on.

This city is insane. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been – even more beautiful than I remember from my last trip here in 2002. As we drove some of the 49-mile scenic drive, I couldn’t stop saying “It’s so beautiful!” and “LOOK AT THAT BRIDGE,” and similar such declarations. I’m sure BD was ready to kill me, but it’s really a breath-taking experience.


One thought on “Two Yurts and a Convertible

  1. I’ve always wanted to rent some fancy race car for the day. I’m pretty sure if I paid 350k for a Lamborghini I would only drive it on Sunday afternoons… So if I were to just rent one once a week it would probably be more cost effective.

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