Two Yurts and…

Treebones, originally uploaded by Ben Kimball.

… Business Class!

Holla, from somewhere over the great state of Wisconsin. Actually, to be honest, Milwaukee left much to be desired. Sure, they have the fantastically entertaining coffee shop Alterra Coffee, but other than that all we saw was a cold mess. Evidently, the upper Midwest is experiencing their first snowfall of the season. Have fun with that, ya’ll.

So what’s with the “Two Yurts” title? That’s the title I’m giving my little sojourn to California. I wanted to come up with something cute, but not too cute, to chronicle the sojourn. My travel buddy, BD, and I tried out a lot of ideas… none of which I’ll repeat here (California Gurls? Really, BD??)… but then it hit me like a yurt to the face: Why not take the famed tiny, tent-like yurts of Big Sur (can’t wait!) and make that our moniker?

Well, it cracked me up, anyway.

So there you have it: Two Yurts and…

Right now, your two yurts are in Business Class, and couldn’t be happier. Basically, this yurt effed up the check-in process, and accidentally upgraded our seats. It’s all good though, because the flight is full and we’re dealing with a steaming hot mess of stinky Midwesterners. Now hold up – I know that not all Midwesterners are stinky. But these 100+ Midwesterners do. So good thing we’re living the good life in Business Class, am I right?

Other things I’ve learned today:

1. In Wisconsin, “carry ons” are called “roll aboards.”
2. There are no stores at the Milwaukee airport in which I can borrow a pump of lotion.
3. Liquor is the drink of choice at 7 a.m. BD and I will learn to adapt to this. We’ve got wine country to prepare for, after all.

So that’s all I’ve got for you for now. Enjoy the photograph of the two yurts, and keep your fingers crossed that when we finally see the yurts of Big Sur, they don’t let us down.


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