Because Taxidermy is Creepy

(I really shouldn’t be blogging, but I can’t stay away… and besides, I wanted to share the newest addition to my living-room design. Or, additions, rather.

Behold, my papier-mache animal busts. Made in Haiti! So the newspaper is in French! I like them. I put their names below their picture, so when you come visit me, you’ll know how to address them.)

Gazelle Bust

Sally the Gazelle

Giraffe Bust

Jose the Giraffe


Zebra Bust

Georgette the Zebra

Anthropologie, you complete me, and help make the home of my dreams. I’m thinking that I now I just need the perfect picture from Sharon Montrose‘s Animal Print Shop… question is: Which one?


4 thoughts on “Because Taxidermy is Creepy

  1. Go for it, Leslie! I’m so glad I did. At first I thought – am I bonkers for wanting to do this?!? And now, I feel so chic. Seriously. PS – love your blog and so glad you decided to start blogging!

    PJ – I will definitely get you a picture once I’m done with the wall painting… and by me, I mean the painter I hired 😉

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