New Job

Most of you probably know, but for those that don’t follow my every word on Twitter (and for reals, Internets, you should be following my every word), I got a new job. In fact, this week is my last week. Today is my last Tuesday. Last. Tuesday.

Okay, so… that means this week is all about wrapping things up. I’ve been at my job for four years, which is forever in dog years DC years. So there’s a ton to take care of, including sending out emails to my professional and DC-based contacts.

But after MK sent me this blog post about how one would-be-broker quit her job (please note: I am not a broker), I’m seriously reconsidering my tactic. Basically, she quit her job emailing her office a series of 33 pictures… they beautifully narrate exactly why she’s leaving. Here are three of the photos.

Trust me… it gets better. Read it all in full here.

Sadly, I won’t be able to top that.

UPDATE: Turns out, she’s a faker. Oh well. It was entertaining while it lasted.


6 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Absolutely Fabulous. Words escape me…except…I was having a totally shitty day and am now so happy for you. Now it’s only moderately shitty.

  2. @ MotherofZeus – Upgrade! Glad I could do my part! Will I see you tonight?

    @Brittany – NO, I hadn’t seen that. Loved her as Maeby. This is fantastic.

    @Chop – Not in Charm City proper, but certainly in the old line state!

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