Neon Nails

neon nails

neon nails

This is/will be the summer of the neon nails. I don’t care if I’m too old to rock them, nor do I care if I’m a year late. I’m into neon now.

This weekend, those neon pink ladies above scored me a sweet cream cheese for my bagel, a high-five from an admirerer Royal Farms employee, a nod from fellow awesome-nail-polish-wearer girl, a free shot (thank you Harpoon Hannah’s lady), and some seriously tricked-out shades from one of my favorite Fenwick shops.

This weekend was epic, in case you couldn’t tell. It was one of those rare and impossible-to-plan mixes of friends (mostly new, but also old) and fun that I swear can only happen seaside. Oh how I love you, Fenwick Island, Delaware.

Days left of vacation: 6 (giddy up)


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