Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are for Foodies

Dangerously Delicious Throwdown

Dangerously Delicious Throwdown

The good folks at The Baltimore Chop and B More Sweet pretty much have this covered, so I’ll let them do the talking. Via The Baltimore Chop:

Tonight is the night that the Food Network is set to air the Dangerously Delicious episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

The show will premiere at 9 pm, and Baltimore will be celebrating with a viewing party at South Baltimore’s own Mum’s. Yep. Mum’s. This is going to be sublime in so many ways.

If you know Mum’s at all, you know it’s not the kind of place that lacrosse players, condo-board types and tourists just stumble into on a whim. The show will not be competing with the World Cup or the NBA Finals for screen space. Nope, this is going to be a dedicated crowd, and they’re all going to be giving their full attention to booing, hissing and cursing Bobby Flay. And why not? It seems to us that there could be no more stark contrast in the culinary world than Flay and Rodney Henry. One is one of Baltimore’s prominent small businessmen who literally invented what he’s made from nothing. The passion and dedication that Henry has poured into his shop comes through in each bite, and he certainly deserves every bit of success he’s found. He can also rock a hat better than just about anyone in Baltimore. The other is a grating prettyboy with a rich-kid attitude who revels in his own celebrity and is the antithesis of everything Baltimore is about.

There’s actually a lot more information about tonight, with an emphasis on music and styling, so head on over to The Baltimore Chop to check it out. Oh, and B More Sweet reminds us that Comcast customers can watch this episode On Demand anytime:

And as far as I know, that’s the only good thing there is to say about being a Comcast customer!

Now, while The Chop may not be a foodie (your loss), this lady is. Or at least, I pretend to be.  And that’s why I’m super psyched that tonight is the first episode of Top Chef DC. I can’t quite articulate how excited I am to see my former city (of nearly twelve years, no less) serve as the backdrop for one of my most favorite reality TV shows. Even better, there are two local chefs to root for:

I can’t freaking wait! If you need a little something to entertain you until the local chefs hit the tube, check out the tour of the Top Chef DC house, via DCist and metrocurean.


4 thoughts on “Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are for Foodies

  1. I know, I linked the crap out of your blog.

    I plan on attending. It all hinges on how early I can leave work… you?

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