Of Course it Was Pittsburgh

Vulture‘s headline reads “Pennsylvania Explains Why It Paid The Road to Make It Look Bad.” Intrigued, I had to take a closer look.

You’ll recall that The Road, the cannibal-ridden, bleak-fest based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, paid Pittsburgh, where it filmed, the enormous not-pliment of telling everyone no special effects were required to make that city look like a postapocalyptic wasteland. Pennsylvania subsidized this film, despite having stipulations that movies it supports should “tend to foster a positive image” of the state. Today, the Times finds out why PA gave it money anyway: The director of the Pennsylvania Film Office tells the paper she could have rejected The Road only “if I had two applications at some moment, and only had enough funding left for one.” Where is the next Rocky sequel when you really need it? [NYT]

Obviously it was set it Pittsburgh. I mean, duh. I’ve been highlighting Pittsburgh’s lameness for years, as Pittsburgh’s greatest fan (nope).

See also this post from earlier.

P.S. Don’t hate on me, RB! Now that I know my favorite (only) cousin is reading this, I (in theory) need to chill with the Pittsburgh hating.


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