One of the best parts of Casey‘s baby shower Baby-que this weekend? When ALJ turned to me and literally referred to her youngest as Renesmee. Not just casually, but with the wild abandon that one typically associates with comments like, “Free chocolate chip cookies!” or, “There’s bacon in this!” or possibly, “I would like fries with that!”

Super sweet kawaii french fries !!!

Super sweet kawaii french fries !!!

All you Twilight freaks (myself included, I’ll admit) will know what I’m talking about. The rest of you will silently shake your heads in judgment and pity… much like the attendees at said Baby-que.

(I’ll refrain from explaining who Renesmee is in case you want to read the Twilight series and don’t want to blame me for spoiling it.)


2 thoughts on “Renesmee

  1. Molls,

    ❤ this post. But so that the record is clear, I referred to Lil' CoCo as Renesmenee to explain my Jacob's unstoppable desire to be close to Casey (i.e., Bella)

    Hope that the Renesmenee situation made up for Jake's lack of seersucker at the Baby-Cue. Now if only we had handed out all of the bookmark favors….

    alj (btws, GAGA + GLEE = :-)!!!!!!)

  2. MY BAD @alj! Perhaps I had too much margarita in me to remember correctly. But then, when DON’T I have a little margarita in me?

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