13.5% Wine Bar

13.5%, originally uploaded by hankenstein.

Even though I literally live right around the corner from this restaurant/wine bar, I hadn’t been to 13.5% wine bar yet. That all changed last night, when I met a recently-acquired friend for dinner.

Holy duck-leg was it delish!

We started with the radish plate (butter, sea salt, radish greens salad), and friend had the confit duck leg (amethyst frisee, egg sunny side up in toast ) while I enjoyed the heck out of the crispy skin corvina (mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, bacon & thyme)… what’s not to love?

Side note: I didn’t know what Corvina was until last night. I assumed it was a fish. I was right.

I also had two glasses of the Antinietti 2004 Malbec. It was perfectly yummy for a cold, pretend-rainy night.

I will be back, specifically on a Sunday to try their Farmer’s Market Menu: 3 Courses – $20.00. CAN YOU BEAT THAT? I think not.


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