Utz is Breaking My Heart

Much like my Dunkin’ Donuts + Yankees logo sighting, this is just wrong:

Via Baltimoremagazine.net

Via Baltimoremagazine.net

H/t to The City That Breeds for this one… who picked it up off of Eyes on the Street:

The connection between Utz potato chips and Baltimore is legend. Yes, as many a would-be smarty parts will tell you, they’re manufactured over the border in Hanover, PA, but Baltimore was the first major market to embrace the Utz brand, founded by Will and Salie Utz in 1921. As Wikipedia tells us, “After Salie cooked the chips, Bill delivered them to local grocery stores and farmers’ markets in the Hanover and Baltimore, Maryland areas.” For years thereafter, our own Lexington Market was the primary distribution point for Utz products. Utz embraced its Baltimore connection with its Old Bay-seasoned “Crab Chips.” Utz even made a cameo on The Wire! We owned you, Utz!

Well, not anymore. Consider yourself disowned. Feel free to hangout with your soulless Yankee friends and all their bought-and-paid-for championships. But remember this Utz: New York doesn’t care about you. You may have made some Miltonian deal to become the “Official Snack Food of the New York Yankees,” but New Yorkers will never claim you the way we have. To them, you’re just a second-rate Dorito. And now, that’s all you’ll ever be.

No longer will I be able to proclaim the glories of all that is Utz without feeling totally duped. Their crab chips are one of my top-ten-favorite things… followed closely by Carolina Style Bar-B-Q chips. WHY UTZ WHY?!

My self-imposed embargo on Utz will probably only last about a week, but the hurt and disappointment will live on forever.


4 thoughts on “Utz is Breaking My Heart

  1. It’s taking everything I’ve got within me to prevent myself from deleting your comment, ALJ. You’re lucky I like you despite your poor choice of sports teams.

  2. At least Utz never merged with Snyder’s, as was in the works for some time. A Yankees logo on my Utz is unforgivable, but Snyder’s pretzels in my Utz–that would have been unconscionable.

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