Blazers and Wayfarers

H/t to The Baltimore Chop for hopping into my mind (though he did it about three weeks before my mind was ready) on this post, titled, “Five Good Reasons to Wear a Blazer This Weekend.” Here’s reason number two:

Women will take notice. You’ve been slacking off with the gym routine, but a well cut, properly fitting jacket will keep your secrets. Proper tailoring can give you a little broader shoulder and a little leaner waist. Not really, but it’s all about subtle impressions. The Chop knows from experience that women look long at a guy in a jacket. Who’s more date-able? The boy in his favorite worn out band tee shirt or the man in the casual blazer.

Uh, yes. Exactly. Blazer over band t-shirt? Even better. Only addition I’d make? Add a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers (I know, I know, they’re so hip that they’re mainstream… which is the opposite of hip… but not in Baltimore).

Hand to the sky: Nothing is hotter than a man wearing a suit and a pair of wayfarers. Swoon-tastic.


One thought on “Blazers and Wayfarers

  1. Thanks for the nod. I’m actually torn asunder at this moment about buying another pair of cheap sunglasses (because I WILL lose or break them) or paying for quality and being very, very careful.

    I like the new design. I’ve been wanting to go custom lately, but don’t know enough about web design to make the leap.

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