I Restore Faith in DC’s Humankind

No big deal, just this post from We Love DC:

Molly of Mollytics just renewed my faith in DC’s humankind. Yes, even amid rants and warnings about how you are about to die, my heart is warmed by this tweet:

@mollytics http://twitpic.com/131ufa – Know who is amazing? @WillBlog4FoodDC b/c he shoveled out my car & let me pay him w/ high fives.

It warms the cockles of my heart, whatever the heck those are.

Please note – the aforementioned post was posted in February. I meant to blog about it then. But then, you know, I moved and life got all kooky crazy, and here we are in April. It’s a self-indulgent post, I know. But it’s been one of those days, and so I needed to remind myself of something that made me happy. Thanks again, JT, for all your help.


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