Mouse In My Chair

Felt Mice Pincushions

Felt Mice Pincushions

Again, not mine… it was BD’s.

I just got this email from a friend, and it was too priceless to not share with the world… because, haven’t we all been there?

I have a mouse story for you.  The short version goes like this…

I removed the cushions from my chair last night and was vacuuming the chair (of course I was).  The chair is maybe 3.5 years old and I don’t think I’ve ever vacuumed it before so there was a lot of “chair fuzz” in the corners of the chairs.  So I was vacuuming away and getting down into the crevices when I saw what I PRAYED TO GOD was a cat toy.  I calmly went into the kitchen, pulled on my trusty rubber gloves and went back to the chair.  SURE ENOUGH, there was a damn mouse dead IN MY CHAIR.  A.MOUSE.IN.MY.CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not ok…not ok at all!  I immediately started itching all over my body and got hives.  How on earth did this mouse (which was flattened and stiff as a board) get in between the back and the seat of the chair.  Like, you had to push down the seat, coils and all, to get him out.  I don’t even want to know at this point.  After that there was a lot of febreeze spraying and Lysol wiping…SO GROSS!

BD’s misery is my entertainment – I’ll admit it.


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