My Very Own Snowparkalypse

I, like the rest of you, am over the snow-related puns, but DCist did get a chuckle out of me for Snowparkalypse:

It is arguably dumb for drivers to park along snow emergency routes, and it’s certainly risky to park in the new nontraditional parking lanes. What are people supposed to do? The efforts to shovel sidewalks and clear out cars have absorbed a great deal of the available parking, leaving huge mounds of snow that restrict drivers’ visibility as well as parking pockets that are difficult to back into. How can parking enforcers even pretend that these conditions represent anything normal or enforceable?

It’s not a surprise that the District has copped the pose of a truly northeastern city this week: Drivers are putting down chairs and other markers to hold the parking spots they worked to clear. The District would like to remind you that this practice is illegal: “While residents continue to dig out from the back-to-back snow storms, they are reminded that it is not legal in the District to reserve a parking space on a public street with cones, chairs or anything else that would obstruct someone else from using the space. Instead, residents are encouraged to work together to ensure there is enough parking available for everyone.”

Instead, how about if the District works together to recognize that the last week has been beyond bizarre. When military Humvees are roving down 14th Street NW, all bets are off. Call an amnesty!

WillBlog4FoodDC and I were just discussing this, after he shoveled me out of my personal hell. Now that I was free, I wanted to drive around and do car-necessary errands… but I was so scared that 1) I wouldn’t find somewhere to park when I was finished and 2) that someone would take my spot! Logically, I get it. We don’t own these spots on the streets. But JT worked hard to shovel me out and I didn’t want that to be for nothing. But thankfully, we knew better.

So now that Stella is free…

snowed in Jetta


… she has nowhere to go.

(Oh, and let’s not get into the fact that my car wouldn’t start, the battery was dead, when AAA arrived it was unchargable and I needed a new battery, and that I had to buy a new one. Seriously, let’s not get into that.)


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