I Survived Snowmageddon T-Shirt

dc snowmageddon t-shirt

dc snowmageddon t-shirt

Via We Love DC:

Want to commemorate  surviving SNOW-MG 2010 or brag to your friends back at home about how you watched DC become something reminiscent of a ghost down during a zombie apocalypse during “snowmaggedon”?  Thrillist DC is giving you that chance.

You can rep the District all year long with their new “I Survived…Snowmageedon” T-Shirt.

Sick of snow all together? You can also show your DC pride by sporting these trendy new sealed and water resistant dog tags are made from real maps of DC. You might get lost if you ever want to use them to find your way around, but it’s a nice alternative from being constantly reminded about all this snow that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

I might have to get one of these t-shirts. DCist reported yesterday that the DC Snowball fight has it’s own merchandising options:

And now there’s merchandising! The fight’s organizers have commissioned a logo—a blue banner with the Dupont Circle fountain in the center and street map of the nabe in the background. T-shirts, mugs, and magnets emblazoned with the logo are available online with a portion of the profits—an undesignated amount—going to Haiti relief.

I like the Snowmageddon t-shirt better, but I have to say – I’m definitely in the market for a t-shirt to commemorate this epic snow. So… HINT HINT valentine…


2 thoughts on “I Survived Snowmageddon T-Shirt

  1. You should totally get one. You’ve survived a DC storm… just not this particular one!

    I ordered one, and most of my friends did too.

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