Can We Start With the Kitchen?

As my closing date quickly approaches, I’ve finally FINALLY earned the right to start imagining how I’m going to decorate my first home. I’ve been waiting since January 10 to play this game… not to mention all my life… but where in the world to start?

The living room poses the most immediate need… wouldn’t it be rude of me to ask people to bring their own chairs when they come visit?… but since the kitchen is smaller – and therefore “easier” – I’m going to start there. Plus, I already have ideas for the kitchen. First, let’s have a look, shall we?

Mollytics' Kitchen
Mollytics’ Kitchen

[The picture doesn’t show all of the kitchen, but it’s a good sample.]

She’s a small kitchen (my kitchen is a once-twice-three-times-a-lady) – though eons bigger than my current kitchen – and she’s been recently upgraded. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, 42 inch cabinets… general loveliness. There really isn’t much to change or add in… other than a new, fresh coat of paint.

You’ll notice the red above, yes? It’s a really great cranberry color. I love cranberry the color and cranberries the food. And while this color looks bright with the flash-taken picture, it’s really not that bright. And while I really, really, really love my kitchen, it is on the small side… so it’s my personal, non-interior-design opinion, that a brighter color would open it up and help it seem more roomy.

Agree? Disagree? Lemme hear it.

BUT WHAT IS YOUR STYLE???, I hear you shouting at your computer. Chillax’ people. I’m trying to figure that out myself. It’s a process that involves watching HGTV on a continuous loop – with an emphasis on Color Splash and Divine Design – and mulling through old issues of Domino magazine (rest in peace, dear magazine).

Here’s what I can tell you:

  1. I love red.
  2. I love purple.
  3. I love food.
  4. I love art.
  5. I love color.
  6. When I bought this cookbook (ok, my mom bought it for me for Easter), I knew instantly that I wanted it as the inspiration for my future kitchen… the question is… is it this kitchen? Or perhaps a kitchen a handful of years down the road? Take a look:
1080 Recipes Cookbook

1080 Recipes Cookbook

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Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Please share, and don’t be afraid to be honest!


6 thoughts on “Can We Start With the Kitchen?

  1. hey – sorry i wasn’t able to make it out on sat. i was looking forward to catching up. i hope you had a blast!

    so i was just telling you about younghouselove and they recently featured this backsplash that i think would be awesome in your kitchen. it’s not colorful, but it would certainly subtly reflect light, which would open up the space. plus, it looks easy to change and clean!

    here is a link:

  2. That tile is awesome! I also like the red – though if it makes the space feel smaller, you could always do a lighter color with a few brightly colored pictures, and brightly colored bottles and holders… The kitchen looks so amazing! Can’t wait to see the whole house.

  3. I am so glad you like the tile idea!

    Do you have any other walls in the kitchen? I am thinking the tiles just over the sink/stove area where you want something that will clean well and then paint to mix it up.

    You could use a color copier to blow up some of the photos from the cookbook and put them in simple black frames and I love KPD’s idea of pulling in more color through accessories.

  4. I love the red, too… but without the flash, it’s just dark and imposing. Maybe a cherry red?

    Friends this weekend were trying to convince me to go green–> BEHR’s “mystical sea” or “pale vista.” I feel they are too pale, but don’t want to replace my dark red with a dark green.


    Still obsessing over backsplash.

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