Obsessing Over Balloons

Ever since I saw this picture on Somewhere In Middle America:  

Just Be Splendid


 … I fell in love all over again with balloons. I’ve always loved balloons – mostly because my silly allergies keep me from enjoying most flowers – because they remind me of birthdays, celebrations, and those Valentine’s Days of my youth when my mom and dad would send me singing valentines complete with massive bouquets of balloons… What? Yours didn’t do that?… In short, balloons (obviously) indicate happy times, so what’s not to love?  

And now I’m on the balloon kick that the rest of the crafty/design blogosphere was on roughly two years ago. Better late than never, no?

My search for all “pictures balloon” – driven by highly developed procrastination techniques – has resulted in inspiration overload, so I’m going to post some of my favorite “balloons at a party” pictures so I can remember how silly, whimsical and childish I was on the veritable eve of my 30th birthday.

pink means party




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