Gift Guide: For Your Great Aunt Nadine who Drinks National Bohemian (Natty Bo!) from the Can and Wears Holiday Sweaters Un-Ironically

Aunt Dene

I have no relation to this person... maybe.

I love shopping for – what my mom likes to call – nick nacks. And for me, Urban Outfitters is the place for just that. Plus, it’s cheap, inspired, unique, and often-funny. Here are some items that have been tickling my fancy:

Cats Bandages

Cats Bandages, Because Cats Scratch

Cats Bandages, $7.

sailboat earrings

Sailboat Earrings, Because She Lives By the Harbor & Likes to Sail

On A Boat Posts, $12.

Poodle Tumbler

Poodle Tumbler, for the Uptight Stage Mom

Best In Show Tumbler, $4.99

Crab Earrings

Crab Earrings, Because Once You Go Crab, You Never Go Back

We Dream In Colour Sea Life Earrings, $14.99

Reindeer Shower Cap

Reindeer Shower Cap, Because She Already Has A Duck & Frog Version

Shower Caps, $6.

Owl Ring

Owl Ring, 'Cause She's Always Looking Around for Something

Owl Ring, $16.


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