Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend from Baltimore, Hon

You can’t do a search for “Baltimore,” “gift,” and/or “local” without turning up a million stories about Mayor Sheila Dixon’s scandal du jour. I’m not going to go there, I’m just sayin’.

MICA Art Market

MICA Art Market

This list of Baltimore-inspired goodies was inspired by my weekend trip to MICA’s Art Market:

This festive art sale features prints, posters, sculptures, mosaics, stationery, T-shirts, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, book arts, toys, wrapping paper, and more designed and created by MICA students, faculty, and staff. The Market fosters student professional development, peer to peer networking, and provides funding for need-based student scholarships.

I can not say enough about how cool it is.  Baltimore is way cool.

So here are some gifts that I saw at this art market and/or are for the Baltimore-lover in your life (you know you have… one? Maybe?)…

Sumi Ink Sketch of Dog

Sumi Ink Sketch of Dog

I saw Damn Good Doormats! at MICA’s Art Market and she’s kick-ass. I just might get a sumi ink sketch of my Ebbitt! Visit her shop. (Sumi Ink sketch, $50.)

Michael Oher

Michael Oher

Ladies – and Americans, too, apparently – love Michael Oher. You know… from The Blind Side. (Oher jersey, $88.)

Baby Bmore onesie

Baby Bmore Onesie

I’m pretty sure that I saw the adult version of these shirts at the MICA Art Market as well. The Baltimore skyline is always beautiful, and is even more so on RationalAct‘s onesie in Ravens purple. Love! (Baby bmore, $28.)


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