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MICA Art Market 2009

MICA Art Market 2009

I was sooooooo productive this weekend. I hit up two birthday parties (Happy 30th Birthday(s) KPD and MS!), one holiday party, one FABULOUS art market by the talented students at Baltimore’s own MICA, did a ton of holiday shopping, baked some more pumpkin bread, and bought and decorated a Christmas tree! YAY!!!!

This time of year is the bomb.

One thing I realized this weekend is that while I started this season with nothing on my “wish list” – and I still only have v. few wants – it’s really frustrating (in the best way possible) when the people you love and want to shower with gifts and greetings have nothing on their “wish list!” I either have too many ideas, most of them out of my price range, or I come up short. I like to be creative and think outside-the-box, but it’s difficult on a thrifty budget. That’s why I like it when people have a list – I can get a sense of what they need, and then reinterpret it to a “molly gift.”

In the meantime, I’ve noticed a plethora of gift guides all over the Internets and blogosphere, so I decided I’d try and do my own… and try and make them as specific as possible. I hope you find them helpful, or at the very least… entertaining. And while Hanukkah is already here and Christmas is only 11 days away (yikes!), there’s still time to order… one hopes.

Gitty up!


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