DC’s Cork Market – Opening Soon!

Photo by vincentgallegos on Flickr.

Oooh, I just can’t wait for Cork Market to open! Hello… local delivery, anyone? Via U Street Girl:

Robin Shuster, the lovely lady who runs the 14th and U farmers market, says Cork Market, at 14th and S, will be open on Monday or Tuesday. She got this news straight from co-owner Diane Gross. Unfortunately by that time I’ll be out of town, home in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving, so dear readers, I’m relying on you. If you see that they’re open, please email me (with any of your first impressions about the place) and I’ll post about it right here. I am super excited for it to be open. I might attempt to live there, drinking wine, eating charcuterie and cheese.  And in other news, this is the last weekend for the season of the 14th and U farmers market – so get your market fill because they won’t be back until May!

Lucy Actually and DC Striving… after-work date? Wine, cheese and meats – ahem, charcuterie – would make the perfect end to a busy day, no?

DC, well at least 14th street, is becoming so hip. Loves it!

(Photo source: Vincent Gallegos.)


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