Bitch, Please (SNL’s

I feel like this Saturday Night Live character, “blogger” for, at the moment:

… and for the record, I’m not proud of it. Here’s how we’re similar:

  1. There’s a constant stream of coffee drinks on my desk. I can’t work without them.
  2. I find myself muttering “Bitch, please” after practically every press call I get. (To myself, not out loud. That would be rude.)
  3. Sometimes I look a bit of a mess when I come to work… on the days when I know I won’t have to “see” any “people” outside of work people. It’s 99.9% women where I work so it “doesn’t matter.” Just don’t tell my mom.
  4. I’m a cardigan lover… I’ll admit it.
  5. Sometimes, when I’m writing material for other audiences, I feel as corny as the bitch, please blogger. It’s a necessary part of my real job.
  6. And yet still… my nails are always painted.

Oh well. ‘Tis the life of a blogger, eh?

BTW, I wish they didn’t get rid of Michaela Watkins, the actress that plays this character and others that I loved… including Hoda Kotb from the Today Show, from Saturday Night Live. I really liked her.  Ahh well.


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